An appealing and complete Twitter client for your desktop


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Tweeki is a native client that connects to your Twitter account to your desktop taskbar, so you can check all your new tweets, mentions, and DMs while you work or browse the Internet without having to access the Twitter webpage directly.

The famous microblogging social network doesn't yet offer an official Windows client, and the web features limit users when managing simultaneous accounts. This program is thus very useful for managing different accounts without having to log out all the time.

Tweeki shows a main window with a toolbar that takes you to your timeline, DMs, mentions, and trending topic searches. It also uploads images, videos, and any other type of content without having to open your browser – and does it pretty fast.

Tweeki's interface has a good design that makes the application really functional, fast, and simple. In fact, it's pretty similar to the official Twitter mobile app. The client also highlights your mentions with a different color from the rest of the users.
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